A 1st Birthday In A Pandemic

This weekend we celebrated my son’s first birthday. To be honest, initially I was a little bit sad about it. It reminded me of all of the difficulties he and my wife had when he was first born. He ended up spending some time in the NICU for a few weeks and Emily and I were beside ourselves. He ended up being ok thankfully and we took him home. However, shortly after that we were faced with a worldwide pandemic, and that’s the only life he’s ever known since. From nose tubes to isolation. What a life, right?

We decided recently however, that we would not let things outside of our control affect our happiness and our desire to celebrate something so incredible. The celebration of life. Regardless of what kind of life it is, it is still better than nothing. 

We got ready for the party, bought balloons, made cupcakes and did the damn thing. 

All in all, it was incredible. Our immediate families came over and celebrated our baby with us. We wore masks, and it was as if things were completely back to normal. My mother even held my son for the first time. It was such a special time. 

The point of all of this is to highlight the fact that we all have choices. 

We can look at any situation and decide how we will respond to it. In this case, this was not the party we had hoped for, but it is the party we were getting. The alternative could have been to do nothing at all. But why would that make sense? How selfish would we have to be to say, nope, no party. Just because it wasn’t the way we wanted it to be EXACTLY.

That just doesn’t make sense, and overall isn’t how life works. 

This reminded me of all of the little decisions we have to make each day. Life is never perfect and seldomly works out how we imagined it would. Yet we move on. 

Anything else would be irrational. 

So why, when things don’t work out with our fitness or nutrition do we just give up entirely?

So often do we give up in the face of adversity when, in fact, we can always make the best of what we have going. Sometimes you don’t have the right food, or you miss a workout. It happens. So what? Instead of giving up, do the next best thing. 

For food, its easy to order off menu at a restaurant to create a “best case scenario” meal rather than say “f*ck it” and order the pizza. If it’s raining outside and you “can’t” go for a walk, you can always do some squats and pushups for 10 mins. Anyone and everyone can do that. 

Don’t give up when things get difficult or don’t work out perfectly. Get creative instead. Step back from yourself, take a minute to let yourself calm down, and come back and enjoy the birthday party you have. Don’t sulk over the one you don’t have. 

We live in the present and that will never change. Your future happiness and success depends on your ability to make it happen now. 

So enjoy your party. It’s going to be amazing.