Introducing Nutrition Coaching With Dace!

Join us in welcoming our newest crew member Dace and with her the addition of Nutrition and Health Coaching! As CAFP grows and works with more people in our community we learn more and more! One of the things that we have learned in the last few months specifically is the need to have a… Continue reading Introducing Nutrition Coaching With Dace!

Are You Moving Ok…?

By: Derek Marsette and Mary Eberts Here’s the basic problem, you can’t move like you used to, but you want too right? Starting to exercise with limited mobility, as scary and new to you as it might be, is actually very common for almost everyone in America. Considering the fact that there is a greater… Continue reading Are You Moving Ok…?

That was crazy…

Yesterday started like a pretty normal day, until my sister in-law texted me… Her: “Hey, are you busy?” Me: No, What’s up? Her: My friends arm is pretty swollen after she worked out. Me: Call me right now. I immediately started asking very specific questions that were clearly very odd to her and her friend.… Continue reading That was crazy…

How To Turn Coffee Into Fat Loss

I had the pleasure of meeting one of our members for coffee this weekend. It was an awesome opportunity to hang out, outside of the gym, and chat on the same level. It really got me thinking too. The power of coffee is incredible. This small ground up bean provided me with so much! To… Continue reading How To Turn Coffee Into Fat Loss

What Does Personal Training Cost?

Do you ever feel like no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get in shape? Maybe you’re in the gym doing the best you know how, or maybe at home and haven’t even started yet. Self discipline is hard to learn by yourself; educating yourself is the most powerful thing you could… Continue reading What Does Personal Training Cost?

Are Deep Squats Bad For Your Knees?

Squatting deep is bad for your knees….but not really It’s pretty common, especially in gyms, to hear people without any education or professional background spout off about things they don’t fully understand and present their opinion as fact. Everybody has that friend or family member who talks a lot of nonsense. Whether its politics, finance,… Continue reading Are Deep Squats Bad For Your Knees?

Everything Is Ruined

I did a real bone head thing yesterday, and for a moment everything I had worked for was completely over. Ruined in an instant. At least in my mind it was.  Yesterday I was playing around with a new fitness toy we bought and ended up smacking myself VERY hard in the calf with this… Continue reading Everything Is Ruined

Ice Vs Heat For Injuries and Soreness

I woke up this morning a little later than I wanted to. I didn’t feel very well and I had to get ready a little faster than I like. That’s the deal when you’ve got a one year old in the house though.  While I was scurrying around I made the error of not warming… Continue reading Ice Vs Heat For Injuries and Soreness

Mondays Are An Opportunity

Every single week, Monday comes. It brings a fresh start and a new week. A new opportunity. If you take a moment to step back from the fast pace of our lives and really get a good look at Monday it’s quite powerful. When I first started training I had a client by the name… Continue reading Mondays Are An Opportunity