Finding Beauty In The “Boring”

Pretty recently I was having a conversation with a group of young personal trainers. Smart guys, but young to the industry itself. I love these conversations, mostly because these people are always so excited about the future! Ambition gets me every time! We were talking about workout structures and how to best deliver results to… Continue reading Finding Beauty In The “Boring”

Should I Work With A Personal Trainer

The short answer here is a resounding yes. But that likely will not suffice as a legitimate answer for this article. The fact that I have been a personal trainer for 15+ years may influence my opinion on this, but I can assure you it comes from a very real place and a strong belief. … Continue reading Should I Work With A Personal Trainer

A 1st Birthday In A Pandemic

This weekend we celebrated my son’s first birthday. To be honest, initially I was a little bit sad about it. It reminded me of all of the difficulties he and my wife had when he was first born. He ended up spending some time in the NICU for a few weeks and Emily and I… Continue reading A 1st Birthday In A Pandemic

Goals Vs. Strategies & Habits

Recently I was listening to a podcast and the host began to discuss something he heard recently from David Goggins. If you don’t know who David Goggins is then I suggest you read his book titled, “Can’t Hurt Me”. This book details his life from childhood, to becoming a decorated Navy Seal, to his decorated… Continue reading Goals Vs. Strategies & Habits

Does Your Sense Of Self Serve You?

Recently I was thinking about how people identify with certain characteristics within themselves. Characteristics of current or past behavior often become how we identify ourselves. That is ok if we are happy with those characteristics. But what happens when we want to change something about our lifestyle? Identifying with who we know ourselves to be… Continue reading Does Your Sense Of Self Serve You?

What Do I Do After A Workout?

A client of mine recently asked me what they should be doing after they workout. I asked them back, what do you mean? Are you asking what you should eat? She told me, “Well, kind of. What should I do overall? I hear a lot of crazy things all the time about things to do… Continue reading What Do I Do After A Workout?

Building Better Habits

Building better habits is a hot topic in the self-help and personal development industry. Especially these last few months where people have had plenty of time to sit and reflect on their current habits and personal goals. It seems everyone always feels they need to change things and these changes happen to be things they… Continue reading Building Better Habits


Have you ever been so motivated to workout that you knew you had to do it right then and there otherwise you might not ever be that motivated again?  What ended up happening? Did you do it? Did the motivation come back the next day or was it a one time thing and then it… Continue reading Drift

The Weight Loss Guarantee

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a 100% guaranteed way to achieve your weight loss goals? That would be so awesome. What would you do to be able to lose the weight you wanted to lose? If you’re reading this article my guess is there’s a good bit you would do.  At least, that’s… Continue reading The Weight Loss Guarantee