I did a real bone head thing yesterday, and for a moment everything I had worked for was completely over. Ruined in an instant.

At least in my mind it was. 

Yesterday I was playing around with a new fitness toy we bought and ended up smacking myself VERY hard in the calf with this 25+ lb steel mace of a tool. 

Instantly I was put down. I mean it HURT. 

With it came the whole gambit of reminders that what I did was incredibly stupid. 

  • limping
  • swelling
  • incredible pain

And of course, restricted range of motion. 

After I threw some heat on it and did some compression work I turned out to be fine.

But for several moments everything was over, and I was completely ruined. 

Once I had some time to sit down and relax for the day, I reflected on how I handled that situation. Looking back, I really didn’t. 

My mind went full meltdown panic. Negative feedback loops, the whole bit. I have to say, I’m quite disappointed with myself.

I’m disappointed because I did exactly what I tell other people NOT to do. I panicked. 

It makes me think about all of the ways we, as imperfect humans, immediately respond to the prospect of something negative by going all in on that negative thing. We create greater and worse outcomes in our minds before we have any reasonable information. And that kind of behavior is dangerous.

This situation is obviously very specific to my leg and me being a dummy, however the pathology of the thoughts and behavior are consistent with any other negative thing a person might perceive and allow themselves to get pulled down into a deep dark hole.

The point I’m trying to illustrate here is that it is so often that we over react to half truths and we let those half truths effect our day, our attitude and often our decisions. We let simple little things, become bigger than they really are and often let them derail us.

Whether it’s;

  1. Eating something “bad” at a social outing
  2. Missing a workout because of an emergency or deadline
  3. Feeling a tweak in our back or knee

All of these things are similar in that we let them trigger us into panic like behavior and put us in a place where we immediately feel like failures and might as well give up. 

But why do we do this?

I have a theory. I think it has a lot to do with our human need for reassurance and support. Our environment is a huge factor in our overall success, simply because positive goal oriented environments provide you with examples of those whom innately exhibit the habits and behaviors you want, as well as provide examples of people whom you want to be more like going through or having been through adversity and came out on top. 

For this reason, and many many others, I want to make you a promise. 

If you are reading this, know that myself and my team will be there for you if and when you need us. We will be there for your struggles, and for your victories. We will be there when you need someone to pick you up, to support you, and to tell you to stop being a punk when you want to quit. We will be that positive environment. 

When you feel that thing. That panic that creeps up. Don’t keep it to yourself. Rely on your team. Rely on your environment. Reach out for support and for assurance. Don’t stay in your head and suffer with the fear and the doubt. Because if you do, you’re the only one who suffers. 

If you feel like this is you in any way, give us a shout. We can and will be that positive environment for you right here in Wallingford. You can take advantage of our Personal Training JumpStart package of 3 sessions for $99. Come see for yourself that environment is everything.