How To Turn Coffee Into Fat Loss

I had the pleasure of meeting one of our members for coffee this weekend. It was an awesome opportunity to hang out, outside of the gym, and chat on the same level.

It really got me thinking too.

The power of coffee is incredible.

This small ground up bean provided me with so much! To name a few things specifically, it gives opportunities for REAL conversation, low stress and level environments, and opportunities to learn and change your perspective.

My conversation this weekend would not have happened without the power coffee has to change your environment and perspective.

Well, maybe I’m digging to deep on coffee here, but the point is without this weekend low key, relaxed environment I would not have had the opportunity to receive all the benefits of a perspective change.

I was offered feedback and truths that will ultimately help me guide the direction of my business and ultimately, my life.

And the environment I received that information in was KEY.

When it comes to fat loss, your environment matters far more than you may think.

The truth is, fat loss is quite simple. It doesn’t need to be complicated or fancy.

It requires 3 simple things. 1. A calorie deficit. 2. Consistent exercise (strength and conditioning) 3. The right head space.

If you’re missing even one of those 3, your progress will be short lived if at all.

That’s why Culture is one of our Core Values at Compass & Anchor Fitness and Performance ( . We firmly believe providing the right environment and feeling in our gym and community is a pillar to any given members results.

Having a culture of empathy, hard work, education and consistency help our staff and members alike continue to get results by always having the support systems they need when things get tough.

Being alone mentally or physically is a tough place to get consistent results and grind through the tough days.

We don’t promise that your days will get easy when you work with us and join our community. But we do promise we will be there for you. Members and staff. As a family, supporting one another, providing perspective and the push you need.

Experience the difference for yourself.

Try out a week of Small Group Coaching with a Free Week Trial.

Send us a message saying “Week Pass” and we’ll reach out to you personally to schedule.

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