Mondays Are An Opportunity

Every single week, Monday comes. It brings a fresh start and a new week. A new opportunity. If you take a moment to step back from the fast pace of our lives and really get a good look at Monday it’s quite powerful. When I first started training I had a client by the name of Earl. He owned a couple of businesses and was an incredibly driven and positive guy. He would come in and workout 3 days a week with me and ride his bike every day for 10+ miles. 

Did I mention he was 67?!

I always appreciated the conversations that Earl and I had, he was full of wisdom and I always left each session having learned something. It was a great relationship of give and give. 

Earl had a saying about Mondays. He would tell me how he always heard people complain about Monday, being nervous, anxious, even depressed that the weekend was over. But he didn’t understand that. 

Earl used to say, “I love Monday. It’s a fresh start, where I get to try again and be better at the things I failed or struggled with last week.”

When he first said this to me I was honestly floored. It was the first time someone had said something like that to me. It made me think quite a bit. 

The conclusion I came to is this. 

We all get too comfortable with fake conversations. Saying things just to fill the silence. Distracted by the fast pace of our lives, never stopping to think about life and all of its opportunities and blessings.

Monday comes every week. With it comes fresh new opportunities and time. With that time we are given the chance to do and be better. To stop and think about how we can be more effective, organized, and if we play our cards right, happy.

When Monday comes around, try to think like Earl. Look at Monday as a fresh start. As an opportunity to be better than last week, and to learn from your mistakes or in-efficiencies. 

So here we go together. We all have the same Monday, and the same 24 hrs. 

What are you going to do with yours?

Will you complain and worry? Or will you take today as the opportunity that it is.

Make today the day you start working out. The day you start planning your meals, and setting alarms to drink enough water. Today can be the day that you reflect on what isn’t working, and you can change it. 

So let’s go. Monday is here, and it’s not going to wait.

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