Online Coaching

We write a strength training program for you to do on your own in your own gym

All of the benefits of a skilled personal trainer without any of the drawbacks such as cost, time commitment, or scheduling. Workout on your own time, whenever you want, without ever being charged for cancellations or rescheduling. Have unlimited access to a skilled personal trainer with a thorough and customized personal program.

Fitness At A Distance

You lead a busy life—we get it! You don’t have time to pop into the gym for hours every day, but you still want to stay on-track for your fitness goals.


Our solution? Distance fitness solutions via virtual training. Our trainers schedule check-in appointments via Zoom, giving you the opportunity to ask questions, get updates and learn more about the exercises and routines you’re doing.


It’s a great way to stay engaged with your commitment to your health and fitness, even when you can’t make it to the gym. 

Our Most Popular Services

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Private Personal Training

Get results with a personalized plan put together through analyzing your lifestyle, fitness level, and goals. In and out of the gym, your trainer keeps you motivated. Our expert team of personal trainers is here for your every need.

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Semi-Private Personal Training

This comprehensive program starts where you are on day-1 and progresses with you at your pace to help you reach your goals. Your sessions are lead by one of our dedicated personal trainers with up to 4 other members who are also working on their individual programs.

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Online Training Programs & Coaching

Get results and train on your own at home with our expert coaches personalized programs, right from home! Accountability and endless possibilities to keep your program interesting and create maximum results for you.

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Nutritional Coaching

A customized meal plan that is tailored to you, and only you! These PLANS, not diets, are customized to the client based on a number of different factors. All plans promote a healthier lifestyle focused on a balanced diet of good quality, whole foods.

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Senior Longevity Program

Most fitness programs are aimed towards a younger crowd! We think that’s just straight wrong. Our expert team of personal trainers in Wallingford, CT are ready to help you feel your best, and wake up energized every single morning.

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