Yesterday started like a pretty normal day, until my sister in-law texted me…

“Hey, are you busy?”
No, What’s up?
My friends arm is pretty swollen after she worked out.
Call me right now.

I immediately started asking very specific questions that were clearly very odd to her and her friend.
Is it black and blue? Is her urine dark? Is it hot and sore to the touch?

I was worried because I was quite positive she was suffering a condition known as Rhabdomyolysis. (http://,remove%20waste%20and%20concentrated%20urine.)

A treatable but very serious issue that occurs when the muscle is overworked to the point of death of the localized muscle fibers, and the dumping of the contents of those fibers into the bloodstream.

It’s pretty gnarly.

So long story short, I convinced her she needed to go to the hospital ASAP to get IV’s and be monitored.

She ended up being ok, thankfully. But she very easily could have not been.

Fortunately for me and my clients, we don’t see this very often (or ever) because we know better and things like this, for the most part, are avoidable.

I’ll take this scary moment as an opportunity to remind everyone that not all fitness classes, gyms, or trainers are created equal. There is a huge difference between being certified and qualified, and unfortunately the fitness industry does not do a good job identifying those that are not qualified.

My shameless plug here is that at Compass & Anchor Fitness and Performance you don’t see these sort of things because all of the trainers and coaches here don’t just get a certification, a pat on the back and thrown out onto the floor.

They are all educated further inside our four walls and taught how to do things properly, how to speak with clients and identify patterns within the body as well as in human behavior.

Many places don’t put this sort of effort in because it costs to much money.

But the fact is the “savings” they get is simply passed down to you in the form or risk.

Consider this a friendly reminder to pick your trainers and gyms carefully. We put the effort in here because we care, and we know the risks.

Be sure you do too.

At CAFP we know that people are people are sick of workout fads and weight loss shakes. That’s why we offer customized personal fitness and nutrition plans in a one on one or small group environment We help people get strong, lose weight, and have all day energy to live a healthy, active life.

Know that we are here for you and for your friends and family. Book an assessment ( or let us know if someone you know might appreciate our help and expertise.

Be careful out there, and never hesitate to give us a call if you need us.

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