The Weight Loss Guarantee

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a 100% guaranteed way to achieve your weight loss goals?

That would be so awesome. What would you do to be able to lose the weight you wanted to lose?

If you’re reading this article my guess is there’s a good bit you would do. 

At least, that’s what people say. 

“I’d do anything to lose these last 10 lbs!” 

I hear that A LOT…

Well, it just so happens that I have the secret formula.

It’s true. 

You don’t even have to take a magic pill. 

It’s called a goal contract

The summary of a goal contract is an agreement between 3 parties. 

The parties include yourself, your significant other or family member, and your trainer or coach.

If you don’t have a trainer or coach I know some great ones (shameless plug Compass & Anchor Fitness…)

The way the contract works is you set an agreement between all 3 parties that you will hit your goal by “x “ date or you will forfeit cash.

Seems simple right? It is. It’s also incredibly effective. 

The reason these contracts work is that they force you to commit to a proper strategy. The punishment for you not complying with the strategy consistently is painful enough that you are unwilling to break the rules of conduct. This inherently forces you to be successful. 

Like any habit that you want to break yourself of, there needs to be some kind of immediate negative or undesired outcome. Otherwise, our brains suppress the negative feelings of our actions. 

We so often will choose immediate pleasures that do not serve our long term goals because the pain of our choices is incredibly delayed. This is the reason people on diets will have cheat meals or go out for drinks, even though it is the exact opposite action that will make them successful. 

I don’t believe that people don’t understand this fact. However, I do believe the reward of going out for a drink with friends is immediate and satisfying. Because the negative effects of “just one night out” aren’t seen immediately after doing said action, our brain doesn’t assign it a high value on our pain scale. 

It is not until years later of failing diets due to poor consistent lifestyle choices that we notice the negative effects. By the time that comes around, we are quick to assign blame to other things like getting older. We then write it off and accept it. This is the cycle of never changing.

What the goals contract does is outline a specific strategy with action items assigned to each day and week. 

This is no different than any other plan, with exception to the fact that if you miss an action item for a particular day or week, you owe somebody an uncomfortable amount of cash.

The reason this is a guarantee is because you are the one who has decided to accomplish this goal. No one is forcing you to have the goal, therefore it is rationalized. 

However, whenever you lose that rational thought and start to make poor decisions your brain reminds you how painful losing money will be.

Furthermore, let me just say this: 

The reason you are the one putting up the cash as a risk is because YOU are the variable that requires control. 

Not your family, partner, or friend.

Not your trainer or coach.

They are not the ones who need to be held accountable. You are. 

Your trainer is likely a professional and does not need help getting you results. They need help making sure YOU do what THEY SAY. That’s it.

Your partner or family don’t need help being accountable. You are the only person who puts food in your mouth. 

This forces you to accept responsibility and provide an immediate consequence. 

Note: The consequence should be specific, swift, and uncomfortable. If it is not, then you will not take it seriously and you will have set yourself up for failure. 

To finish, I highly recommend this for anyone who is struggling to lose weight. I promise you will learn a lot about yourself AND you will lose the weight you want to lose. 

To get a copy of a goals contract you may message me and I will assist you with one, no problem. As well as provide details on how to execute one properly. 

Also, to be clear, no one is going to turn you down for an opportunity to get some free money at your expense. So choose wisely, the more painful the repercussions of not following your commitment, the better it will work.