What Does Personal Training Cost?

Do you ever feel like no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get in shape?

Maybe you’re in the gym doing the best you know how, or maybe at home and haven’t even started yet. Self discipline is hard to learn by yourself; educating yourself is the most powerful thing you could do.

When you don’t know what to do, fitness can become overwhelming. I’ll be honest, there was a time in my life I felt this way, and that’s when I found the solution…

Personal Training made all of the difference when it came to my personal education. Since embracing the challenge, and expanding my horizons, I have been an advocate for the sciences and art of training/coaching. 

The question always comes up though, “Derek, what if I can’t afford a personal trainer?” or “What does training cost?”

The answer is not as crazy as you might think, and if you break it down everyone can and should have some form of training or coaching. You either make smaller financial investments now, or end up risking paying huge lumpsomes later, both financially and physically. 

Let’s discover how to not break the bank.

Cost Breakdowns 

There is no such thing as a free lunch; but life a la carte is not so bad! Many training programs or products sold these days are not at a completely flat cost structure. But trust that this is not because people inherently want to confuse you or scam you, instead they are offering a completely tailored made personalized program. The same way a health coach, rehabilitation trainer, physical therapist would make a care plan specific to you, and your goals. You want to be offered something as personalized to you as possible right? 

Personal training is no different. 

The cost structure is completely dependent on you. Specifically:

  1. Your goals
  2. Time horizons
  3. Weekly schedule
  4. Your budget

These life factors all play into what the overall cost of a personal training program will be. A professional gym or trainer will provide options that best suit their particular client demographic. Often this breaks down to look something like this: 

30 Min Sessions

50-60 Min Sessions

Online Programming

Semi Private Groups

Nutrition Coaching

And often break down into different commitment terms like this:

3 Month Programs

6 Month Programs

12 Month Programs

Paid in Full options (Think buy in bulk)

Looking at all of these options can be fairly overwhelming especially if you are not familiar with how training or coaching works, and really what the return on your investment’s value is to you.

Before we dive into the benefits and how to determine what it is you need next, please make sure before you start a program the provider is a certified professional, there is nothing wrong with transparency, it’s your health. 

Now that your attention is on your health, let’s discover the real motivators to success with hiring a professional trainer. 

Value Propositions

Do any of the following describe you or your workout routine:

  1. Can’t seem to get results
  2. Decide what your going to do once your in the gym
  3. No real plan
  4. Haven’t made any measurable progress
  5. No idea what you’re doing
  6. Keeps getting tweaked or injured
  7. Can’t push yourself
  8. Want to learn proper form
  9. You have a specific condition or illness
  10. You need/want accountability

If you identify with any of these, you would likely benefit from professional personal training.  Instead of imagining the trainer as a “gym coach” imagine them as your personal strength and conditioning rehabilitation coach, you are creating a plan of care for yourself with this coach. They are going to provide the knowledge and  help and together you assess, plan, implement, and evaluate with you every step of the way to your goals.  

So let’s talk about cost averages. The industry average for a personal trainer is $75 per in person training hour and $150-$175 per month for online personal programming.

So when you break down 30 minute sessions you would be at 37.5 per half hour. 

Again, what you personally pay will ultimately depend on you, your goals, time horizons, weekly schedule and budget. Just a quick note, most training programs will offer you options ranging from 1 session per week all the way up to 4-5 depending on the trainer, most people average 3 sessions a week. 

How often we recommend is simple. It depends.

People gravitate to personal training for a great many reasons, and it is often seen as a luxury service, 

I personally could not disagree with that more. Hiring a personal trainer is an investment in yourself. As a result, you can choose to take it seriously and put in the work to get great results or you can choose to coast and waste time. I say this only because it happens however compared to healthcare costs, out of pocket insurance payments for damages later in life, personal training is truthfully cheaper overall. 

When you invest in a trainer you grant yourself access to knowledge and expertise that may otherwise take years to become proficient in; once they figure out where to start. Some of these skills include:

  1. Functioning understanding of anatomy and biomechanics
  2. Programming and workout design
  3. Understanding of tried and true methods
  4. Objective understanding of intensity and effectiveness of workouts
  5. Objective outlook on what is best for you based on logic 
  6. Pattern recognition
  7. Speed of program design, transition and ability to pivot
  8. Ability to make complex thoughts and theories simple, understandable and practical

Your decision to hire a trainer will ultimately come down to how you value your own time. Without a doubt training has a cost. They have information that you do not have and as a result can solve your problem more quickly than you can on your own.

Justifying Costs Of Personal Training

Depending upon your personal financial position and the way you determine value may be the two deciding factors upon which you make your decision. But before you decide, I would like you to try a little exercise and time valuation. 

I am obviously biased in favor of hiring a coach or a trainer . 

Hiring a coach can AND will save you time, money, and frustration. I can’t drive this point home hard enough.

First, take a breath, and really ask yourself, what is the value of my time?  Overwhelmed? A good way to approach this is to find out how you spend your time. Break it down by actual hours worked yearly divided by total pay. This will give you your current hourly rate. This hourly rate is how you will be able to financially evaluate your workout program’s value. 

For example, hypothetically your rate is $25 per hour and you signed up, personally uncommitted and uncomfortable for a program of 4 days per week for 1.5 hours per workout. That breaks out to be 312 hours per year, effectively wasting your own time and  $7,800 per year… now unanimously agreed that’s not a positive or progressive scenario. 

Hire the services of a professional personal trainer and comfortably commit to a modest two, 30 min sessions per week. The cost would break out to be (on average) $75 per week and a total of $3900 per year. This might seem like a lot at first, but compared to the scenario prior, the wasted 312 hours and $7800 of your $$$$$$ it’s a more doable, committable, and successful option. 

This is YOUR investment in YOU. Once you adapt the mindset that life is you vs yourself, it’s easier to realize we need to hire those who possess the knowledge we need. You are paying for someone to teach you, guide you, evaluate and implement with you; you’re hiring a coach for you! 

Here’s The Deal, last chance to pick up whats put down:

You should get a personal trainer. 

Once you find your professional trainer  who you feel comfortable being honest with and respect enough to learn from, there are literally no risks. 

Do you workout? If you’re reading this I assume you do or at least want to. Just being curious about what life would be like if you did, has you ready to start assessing yourself to see where your journey can begin.

Start by looking up “personal trainers near me” or “gyms near me” and make some calls to a few local trainers. Ask them some questions, and see if they instill confidence and make you feel comfortable.

And don’t forget, we’re a fit community, we want everyone to be apart of the #CAFPCrew. 

You could also contact us, we’re happy to help if you are local, and don’t worry if you’re not, we are in the virtual age!

Remember, the best way to “buy time” for yourself is by investing. Spend time on methods and strategies that solve problems. Get ready to make the best decision you’ve made in a while; you’re worth it.